June 28, 2011

Tutorial, Wall art," Save Money, Live Better": reuse! Part II Silhouettes

As part of my personal challenge, I present you five new wall art I have done, so it's six now, and I'm planing a 7th soon.
The goal was no money spent; the first four are shadows/silhouettes of my family representing what they like the most, it's not a revolutionary project but I have a lot of fun during the process, so I share.
Quick how to after the jump!

Hubby or son?



I used card board as the back, the backgroud are made out of wallpaper samples and the shadows with black canson paper. Glue and Mod podge were involved too, as patience to cut out the shadows by hand.
To make the shadows, I simply took pictures of each members of the family, printed them, cut them out and trace them on the black canson paper. At that point I wished I had a silhouette machine!
Anyway, I'm glad with how they turned out, for free bien sure!


The memento is made out of those fake grass squares that you can find in shops around Easter period (had three of them for a while), a floorboard (left over from the house's make over) some ribbons, a stapler and some clothes pin (for extra). And voilà!
I hope, I gave you some ideas to make your own "wall art"!
Don't forget, reuse is the key!

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