June 28, 2011

Banana Republic goes Mad Men

Banana Republic in collaboration with Janie Bryant, who creates costumes for AMC show Mad Men is releasing a collection of 65 pieces for men and women inspired by the famous show.

Janie Bryant
pic source: Glamour

Pictures after the jump!

The entire collection is inspired by the 60's, three years ago Banana Republic and Mad Men were collaborating to find a new figurant among the clothing line customers! Guess what, they are doing it again, this year in parallel with the clothing line launching.
Launching date: the 11th august 2011.

Unfortunately for you, my French readers, you won't be able to purchase those frocks in a shop, because the first Banana Republic shop is opening at the end of 2011 and will take place on Les Champs-Elysées.
Are you mad??
Don't worry you can purchase on the Banana Republic website!

source: Fashion Mag.

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