December 17, 2010

Tutorial for tutu

Tutorial after the jump

December 7, 2010

Nike earth friendly tool

Nike is releasing his "Environmental Apparel Design Tool", that respects earth and its eco friendly.
It takes 7 years to Nike to develop it.
Clearly this tool will help industries to decrease them needs in water and petrol and others natural ressources
But also help them to choose the most eco fabrics and materials during the designing process.
Big industries are finally taking the turn of earth and eco friendly spirit, that's a good thing for the future of this branch and our planet.
It can be use by any designers, Nike reveal that they will release few others tools with the same spirit: one dedicated to shoe design and two other focus on natural ressources like water.

What do you think?


December 6, 2010

Colaholic clock

As a real cola addict, I had to give it a try!
I found this Co.. Co..  tray at the "cheap stuff shop" for 2.49 euro down town.
I already had in hand an old clock mecanism, so I only had to make a hole in the middle of the tray to put in place the mecanism.
Then, I finally found a way to use those cans tabs that I saved for months (I still have plenty of them), thanks to my younger sister, she saved for me the red ones from France.
I really think it turns out well, I'm pleased with the end product!
Tell me what you think!

December 3, 2010

Barbie goes Gaga

I would not purchased it!
Would you?

Tutu for little girl

I'm proud to introduce you my first tutu, I made it for my 3 years old daughter.
Let me know if you like it, then I will post the tuto and more details pictures.