June 14, 2011

Findings at the Albert Cuyp Market, Amsterdam

This week I went to the Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam, and I thought I had to share!
The market take place in the street of the same name, reachable by tram 16 from Amsterdam Centraal.

It's a banal market, you can shop for cheese, flowers, fresh vegetables, fish, meat and cheap clothing etc...

And of course fabrics! A lot!

I love polka dots!
Paradise for quilters!
More pictures and fun fabrics after the jump

 Here some funny fabrics:

I also found a shop that sales "vintage" upholstery.

This one is for my American readers!

The second from the top is my favourite.

Those ladies almost made it to my stash!

Arabic and Sari's fabrics can also be found as well as fur and leather

Right in the middle of the street's market you will find this little guy,

well stop just there, behind him there is a street, take it for few meters to find an enamel shop called De Emaillekeizer.  I absolutely loved this shop, it's like Alibaba's cave.


There is also products made in Africa using recycling

 Do not forget to go back to the market to finish your tour!
Because there is more, I found those inspiring displays:

I hope I gave you the envy to come visit Amsterdam and the Albert Cuyp Market during your European tour!

This space invader tells you that you are a the end of the market!

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