June 16, 2011

Tutorial for Princess canopy/curtain bed

My 4 years old daughter wanted a "Princess bed" like, so we take a look at the internet and bed shops in the area, and we finally agreed on one.
I think what made her choice on this one was the two hearts shape, but when she chooses this one she saids to me: "maman that's not really a Princess bed, there is no curtains!"
I said : "don't worry sweat heart, maman will take care of that", and then I was trapped, I had to make those "Princess bed" curtains.

So let's start, first you have to calculate the amount of organza you will need, follow the formula below (Pythagorean theorem)
, considering a as the distance between your ceiling and the floor, b as the distance between the middle point of the bed but on the floor to the feet of the bed's headboard, so c will be the amount of organza you need!

don not forget to add your seems allowance to the result.

You will need:

A  florist wreath (mine was a plastic circle with that special green foam on top to plant your fakes flowers), but you can wreath out of any material, it could be Styrofoam.

Florist wreath

close up of the plastic base

Fake flowers
Curtains hooks
Ruflette (I'm sorry ,I don't know the name in English, it's a tape used for making ruffles at the top of curtains and at the same time hanging them with hooks.) I choose this method to be able to clean it . So your curtain will be removable.


Hook with a screw at the end to hang the whole thing onto the ceiling
Ribbon to hang the wreath to the hook
Something for making holes through the florist wreath's plastic base, for me it was a little screw, those holes will be for the curtain's hooks. I guess you can use a drill, depends the material of the wreath.

Let's start:

Take your organza and sew the curtains, keep in mind that the half of the circumference of the wreath, will be the final wide of one finished organza curtain. You need two curtains.
The technique I used to make the curtains is the basic one. I used the ruflette, to ruffle the top.
So, now you have two basic curtain ready to be hang!

Now, you have to decorate the wreath with fakes flowers and feathers or whatever you have at home that could make it more personal, mine is actually always evolving, my daughter already added a little bird, some trinkets and shiny little things she like to collect.
By making a node attach your four pieces of ribbon with the same length, on four equal opposite points on the wreath. This length will determine how far from the ceiling, your canopy will hang.

Fix your screw hook on the sealing, it must be right in the middle of the bed, but on the sealing!.
Hang the decorated wreath with the ribbons in the sealing hook.
Then hang the curtains with the curtains hook into the holes you have previously made in the wreath.
And voilà , you're done!

Please tell me what you think, and If you decide to make one, I would love to see your work with your personal touches.

The vue my daughter have while lying in bed

Bouquet on the inside of the canopy

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