September 12, 2011

Tutorial, Wall art," Save Money, Live Better": reuse! Silhouettes, oups! I did it again!

still some finishing touch to do here, was done and then gone so I don't have any other pictures!

After my last  wall art were done and hang in our living room, I had a lot of compliments and even an order for two wall art silhouettes!
So, I did it again, this time I had to make the silhouette of a family member who is well known for always having a broom in hand, and the second one is her partner who have the same "tic" but with a rake, you need to know that they are not crazy at all, they are just retired, so they have plenty of time to broom the house and rake the garden's grass, I guess.
They were very happy with the result.
I made them the same way as the previous ones, cut out by hand with scissors of different sizes.
This time it was less painful though!

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