September 13, 2011

From Grand-ma's skirt to Back to school dress for Grand-daugther.

It's time!
Every kids all around the world are getting back to school.

My four years old daughter attend her first day ever at school, she was so excited to finally go to school, since she was 2 years old, she was asking me : "when do I start to go to school, like my brother?" She doesn't speak English as her first language, so it was all in a French/Ducth/English mixed language, so it was more like : "C'est quand que je vais op school als mijn broer? I find her even cuter when she does that mix! And makes me feel sad, cause I know she won't do it that often now that she goes to school her Dutch will be more structured and so her French will fade a bit I think. As for her English, well TV helps a lot, and she has a great accent.

So, the day comes and I decided that for her first day at school she needed a brand new dress.
But, I didn't wanted to buy any, so I put my head straight in my stash, and found this great pink linen skirt that my mother in law gave me, she didn't wear it any more and wasn't my style at all, since it has great amount of fabric I thought it was great for this project, and the girl really liked the colour.

Linen skirt

So I started to design the dress, with my daughter advises, she really knows what she wants and what she doesn't.

I didn't have enough fabric for the collar!

It was pretty clear in her head, that the dress needs bows and dots!

...and after a evening of sewing... tadaa:

I reused the original ziper from the skirt too.

close up front.

The bib part is made out of a silk scarf from my closet, 

very similar blue silk scarf.

and the ribbon I used is a gift ribbon, it has wires inside, so I had to pull them out for obvious safety reasons, once done it was perfect for this project, and it has dots! I already had the biais tape for years literally. This ribbon cost me 1,50 euro for 3 meters at the local craft store, it is the only material that actually cost me money, but I didn't bought it specially for that project it was in my stash for two months.

arm holes close up biais tape finish.

She really liked it and was very proud to show it of at school!
I enjoyed myself so much doing this cute little dress, I hope you like it, since the design is very simple I drew the pattern very quick on old news paper, but I will be glad to redraw them and share with you dear readers, so just ask and I will digitalise it for you!


  1. Love the bib detail. Your daughter hat good hand at designing!

  2. Tanks, the bib was not the easy part of the process!
    Yes, my little girl is a future fashion designer!


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