March 30, 2017

Chic n' Joy's blog changes direction, my new Etsy shop...

Dear followers,

Sewing and crafting is still my thing and will still be present on this blog.
But old Chic n' Joy sewing and crafting look is gone for the better...

I have been really busy this past few months, hunting and picking the best Vintage Leather Goods I could find out there.

I found myself being really disappointment at high end leather goods lately, the quality, the materials are not up to what the standards of the industry use to be.

I noticed that Leather is less and less popular, for the wrong reasons I believe.
The vegetarian trend, the vegetarian leather trend (by the way vegetarian leather is not a thing, or it is leather or it is not, if it is not it is plastic (PU) manufactured to look like leather, but without the proprieties of real leather). The pricing on leather goods is not that high but leather seams to be completely forgotten by the new generation.

You can now buy a high street handbag for 160 EUR, made out of PU! This item will start to show signs of wears and tears pretty quick.
My dear friend purchased a G***s handbag a while back, I let you guess, pun intended!
A year after her purchase, threads are coming out of the straps, the varnish on the PU is coming off, a waste of money if you ask me

We as humans have been wearing leather since ever, we know how to work it and we know how to 'harvest' it in a proper way, I will not expand myself on the subject... But giving new life to vintage leather goods is in no way cruel or against animal activism. Those goods are already produced, and for some of my Etsy's shop items are more than 40 years old! I believe we passed the 'moral phase' on those. I am myself an animal lover and I will never condon cruelty against animals.
The goods I gather, are honouring the animal, by the way they are made (high quality finishes) and by their life span which again can be more than a life time. Leather is a good investment, that you can pass on. I am not triggering a surge in the leather production here.

A leather item will last you a lifetime and more, why on earth would you buy PU, fake leather?
PU does not last, and you are lucky if it lasts more than 6 months without any visible damages that will ultimately prevent you from using the item, like the straps snapping.

Armed with my knowledge on the matter (I am a Fashion Industry Graduate), I decided to go on a journey to find and provide the best Vintage Leather Goods items out there for you to enjoy, and give them a new happy life.

On this blog you will for now on find, my newest and latest Vintage leather finds.
I will share my journey's, share stories about those vintage items and how I got my hand on them.

I will share/post more often than I use to.

Chic n' Joy on Etsy

You can already visit and buy on my Etsy shop: Chic n' Joy
follow the link on the left side of this article.

All my Vintage Leather Goods are made out of leather, and each sees its leather treated to renew and extend its life span.
I provide a very handy fabric draw string bag for you to store your new loved one the best way possible.
We also give you an insight into the leather life, what to expect, what is normal on a leather, with care instructions.

I will post the care instructions on my blog to make those info available for any Leather lover.

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