December 17, 2010

Tutorial for tutu

Tutorial after the jump

You will need:
1 m of white tulle
1 m of pink tulle
1,25 m of pink biais
1,50 m of white ribbon that is a least o.5 mm width less than your biais
1,50 m of pink ribbon 1 cm width
Rubber band (you don't need a big width for this, mine was a 5mm width) that fits your child waist
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Let's start it!
First you have to print the patterns for the "leaves"

printable pattern

I used the longest one with the white tulle and the shortest one for the pink tulle

Once you have your patterns cut out,
fold your tulle as much as you can till you have just enough fabric to cut out the leaves pattern out of your tulle.
It' s a very forgiving project so don't be afraid !
So now you have a certain amount of leaves.

Now place your white leaves tulle on the wrong side of your 1 meter biais  (you have to cut out 25 cm for the flower)

Leave 1 cm allowance and start disposing and pin your white leaves side by side on the wrong side bottom of your biais till the end, don't forget to leave 1 cm allowance here too, and sew them.

Time for the pink leaves (the small ones),

Do the same as you did with the white ones and sew them on top of the longs ones.

Waist band:

Sew your 1 cm width pink ribbon on top of the white one (you jave already cut out 50 cm out of your white ribbon for the rubber band), leaving equal amount of white ribbon on each side of the pink ribbon (this purely finishing touch)

Sew your white ribbon and pink on the wrong side of your biais (wrong side of the ribbon on the wrong side of your biais), covering the top of your leaves that are sewn on your biais, sew the top and the bottom and leave both ends open.
Cut your 50 cm of white ribbon in two parts (2 piece of 25 cm each)
Sew your two piece of white ribbon on both ends of your rubber band (you have previously cut to fit your child waist).

Then using a safety pin put your rubber band and ribbon inside the waist band.
Use the excess of white and pink ribbon on the waist band to attach the tutu making a nice bow, the ribbon attach to the rubber band is for fitting your child, make a nice bow here to.

Et voilà ! You're done

I hope this is clear enough, please let me see how yours turned out, I'm sharing this tutorial with pleasure, so please show me your work! Or,  tell me if you're having problems to follow the tutorial.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial - I'l be making this for the little girls in my life.

  2. I'd like to make this tutu for all of the girls at my daughters's 5th birthday party mid-February. I'm new to sewing, so understandably I have many questions about your instructions. To begin:

    What is 1.5 m of pink bias?
    When you fold the tulle, is there a specific way I should fold?

    Thanks for posting these instructions and I look forward to your reply.

    Illinois Mom

  3. Hi, Erica,

    You can see a bias tape on google image, it's a piece of fabric fold in two and cut in the bias of the fabric, you can find those in every sewing shop or craft store or make it youself by cuting out strips out of the fabric, you have to cut them in the bias of the fabric, since your are a beginner in sewing, it can be kind of tricky, so I recommend to buy it. It's used to finish edges.

    For folding the tulle, I just fold it first in two then again fold it and fold it again until you have just enough to cut out the leaves, at the end of the folding process you have your tulle fold about the size of a A4 format paper.

    I hope I helped, if it's not clear enough don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail, well English is not my mother tongue so sometimes my explanations and my English can be difficult to understand. I'm working on it!

    P.S: I'm from Europe so I use meters and not inches, don't forget to make the conversion or you will have a tutu for giant 5 years old girl! hi hi!

  4. Hi how big do i have to print out the petals ?

  5. Well, You just have to print them like that, the pattern is on a A4 format. You don't need to resized them. The small petal is 20 cm ant the long one is 25 cm, but you can adjust them to fit your child, my daugther is almost 4 years old, so if your child is younger, you have to make them shorter etc... Hope I helped, let me know and see your work girls!!


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